Project Overview

Why Rules?, Is a seven week project of two sessions per week, that is created for year 3 students covering the nine elements of authentic learning and focusing on all areas in relation to rules: Who makes rules, the importance of rules and the consequences when rules are not followed, and the creation and design of classroom rules, an assembly performance and a digital representation.

Falling under the umbrella of H.A.S.S, Civics and Citizenship ACHASSK071 in the Western Australian Curriculum, this project will cover all of the elaboration requirements.  Why Rules?, will also interconnect subjects from the Western Australian Curriculum, such as digital technologies ACTDIK007 and the arts (Drama) (ACADRM031 , ACADRM033)

Why Rules? – is broken up into three sections:

Section A : Introduction and subject matter (weeks 1 & 2)

Encourages students to identify, discuss and understand a large variation of rules through the authentic learning elements such as collaboration, articulation, coaching and scaffolding and multiple perspectives. The worksheet handouts, group and classroom discussions will broaden students knowledge on various rules allowing them to demostrate their knowledge of rules through their completed worksheets, classroom rules poster and teacher/educator observations during class collaboration.

Section B: Assembly Performance (weeks 3 – 5)

Involves students learning their assembly item, through multiple principals, team work, and the drama elaborations of the western australian curriculum of The Arts – performance.

Photo by Sharon Young

This also entails the whole class to reflect on their recent understanding of rules, work on characterisation, vocal production, location and situation, understanding and  empathy toward others, expression, movement, self-esteem, and prepare students for their stage performance; furthermore assist and prepare them (acting wise) for their end product on digital technology – the imovie.  This authentic assessment is presented to the school, parents and other members of the local community. 

Section C : Scriptwork and iMovie creation (weeks 6 & 7)

With the extensive amount of information given in prior weeks, students can now reflect and discuss what they have learnt about rules and roleplay (acting) and begin their scriptwork,  their digital representations .  The roleplay of characterisation will cover the elaborations of Drama The Arts and give students additional ideas and characterisation to extend their creative thoughts on what they can write in their script preparation.  This end product which is one of the students authentic assessments, will be presented to the class and  be displayed on the school website. 

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