About Me


I am a mature aged student at Murdoch University thoroughly enjoying the challenges I face
as I continue to further my journey of learning while studying my Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Degree.  Having produced and managed two successful acting schools in my working career and being very passionate toward the arts, I believe that using my knowledge of drama to interconnecting that to various school subjects, is a successful and refreshing way of opening students creativity, confidence, critical thinking, team building and social skills, empathy toward others, authentic learning skills, practical skills and much more.

I have written the intellectual property for "Sharon Stephan's Creative Drama" and "Stargate Actors Academy", produced and taught drama curriculum for various high schools and primary school's and supplied entertainment for channel sevens 50th reunion, X factor and Australian idol.

I produced and directed  television commercials and theatre productions and supplied an abundance of actors for short films, documentaries, training videos, television commercials, theatre productions and university tutorials.

I have enjoyed creating this web site about Why Rules? and hope that you enjoy teaching this topic to your students just as equally.


  • Photo of Sharon Young taken by Grant Young (2017)


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